About us

Airborne Wind Energy Industry Association (AWEIA International) is the body federating actors and stakeholders in high altitude wind generation.

AWEIA was founded in 2009 to mutualize the effort required by this nascent sector to gain traction and recognition as part of the solution to the challenge to abundant supply of renewable energies. AWEIA is a member of the Global Wind Energy Council and works to promote the interests and answers to the concerns of it’s members and stakeholders, in order to enjoy on the long term a clear and supportive legal and policy framework that will allow the sector to flourish.

AWEIA has been founded by a community of academics, inventors, entrepreneurs and investors, all committed to promote AWE technologies as a mainstream solution. Ultimately, AWEIA recognizes as it’s stakeholders, all those who are beneficiaries of a successful Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) Industry. AWEIA membership includes producers, brokers of large-energy packs, producers of equipment used in AWECS installations, researchers and developers making the AWE industry robust, entrepreneurs developing AWECS, and more.

Members of AWEIA constantly update the progress of airborne wind energy technologies sharing in open source database information on studies, researches, applications and development. At the second Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) Conference (AWEC2010) hosted by the Stanford University, the attending Federal Aviation Administration official publicly called for the early industry to define the emerging aircraft types into the FAA’s Category and Class system. For its part, NASA informally tasked industry players with developing concept of operations frameworks for AWE in the US National Airspace (NAS). The Airborne Wind Energy Industry Association (AWEIA) responded by initiating this report addressing requirements.

The President pro-tempore of AWEIA is John Oyebanji, regional AWEIA representative for Africa. He is the founder of AWE education movement for Africa, active leader in presenting AWE to Africa, effective consultant on growing AWE, and the CEO of Hardensoft International Limited.

AWEIA-EU, the European branch of the association headed by Martin Schultz, has representatives from ten European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Norway and United Kingdom. In Europe there are advanced AWE projects in several frameworks: academic, research and development and industry.

The European Union granted in 2009 the KiteVes Project for the conversion of high altitude wind power into electrical power on vessels, that can be used for auxiliary services, traction or both (under the 7th EU Framework Program). The project is led by a consortium of partners from 7 different countries and member states throughout Europe (Sequoia automation, Centro Studi Industriali, Modelway, Sheffield University, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Fatronik, Haute Ecole ARC, University of Wuppertal, SVMtec, TEKS). Under the 7th EU Framework Program has been granted also the project “HAWE”, conducted by a partner’s consortium led by the Portuguese OMNIDEA. The European Fund for Regional Development granted successfully in 2009 Ampyx Power (Netherlands) for developing several 10kW prototypes. The European Research Council granted the HIGHWIND – Simulation, Optimization and Control of High-Altitude Wind Power Generators, led by Prof. Moritz Diehl from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

AWEIA-Russia is coordinated by Alexander Muzhichkov with a country website – www.awenergy.ru

Asian Coordinator for AWEIA remains Carl Gu

Wind Operations Worldwide (WOW S.p.A.) is a member and a financial partner of AWEIA-EU. WOW S.p.A. was founded in Livorno (Italy), as WOW Srl, May 2008 and turned into WOW SpA on October 2009. WOW S.p.A. buys shares of companies or individuals of any kind and operating in the following sectors: of production, import, export, purchase and sale of electrical energy derived from renewable sources. WOW SpA was the first worldwide and it’s still the only financial holding founded by small investors to support the emerging Airborne Wind Energy industry. In 2010 WOW Italy has founded NOKE S.r.L., the operative company with the aim of buying, building and managing energy plants. In July 2011 has been founded the American branch of the company, WOW Inc. WOW partners are private citizens, angel investors and companies.